Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Week 5: Oh no, Romo!

Dallas 25, Buffalo 24 - What!? You mean to tell me the Cowboys won this game? Everything went wrong for Tony Romo - FIVE interceptions and a lost fumble. But Trent Edwards interception (why are you throwing up by eight late in the fourth quarter!?) led to a touchdown, followed by an onside kick, followed by a game winning field goal by rookie kicker Nick Folk. Last night's game was by far this season's instant classic, and was reminiscent of last year's Monday Night Meltdown by the Arizona Cardinals against the Chicago Bears. The Bears, seemingly destined to win even after such a horrible quarterback performance, rode the come from behind victory to the Super Bowl. At 5-0, the Cowboys are the clear NFC favorites with the big test looming Sunday against the seemingly unstoppable Patriots.

Houston 22, Miami 19 - Houston is not as good without Andre Johnson, while Miami is still searching for its first win. The story of this game was Trent Green's hit and the trashtalk that ensued after. I am all for being a tough guy and helping your teamates and all, but as a quarterback, he should not be blocking anyone.

Jacksonville 17, Kansas City 7 - The AFC South is the best division in the NFL, and whichever team comes out second to the Colts as a wild card has a chance to give a division winner a game come January.

New England 34, Cleveland 17 - 19-0, anyone? First test this Sunday at Dallas.

New York Giants 35, New York Jets 24 - This game should be played every year. Regional rivalries should be strengthened. Let us see the Jets-Giants, Raiders-49ers, Chargers-Cardinals, Steelers-Eagles, Dolphins-Bucs, Chiefs-Rams, Ravens-Redskins more often then every four years. All these teams practically share territory and fans, so why not spark the league with some intraconference rivalries?

Arizona 34, St. Louis 31 - Kurt Warner is back, and he has the offensive weapons and smart coach to make some noise again. Look for teams to blitz the heck out of Warner though, who is not as great without a clean pocket.

Washington 34, Detroit 3 - So much for my mancrush of Jon Kitna. As for the Redskins, it takes a year for a coaching staff to come together and have its full effect. All those high priced coordinators hired last year are having a positive effect now. Jason Campbell looks like the real deal.

Tennessee 20, Atlanta 13 - What an ugly win. The Titans are one of those teams like the Jaguars who can sneak into the playoffs and give a great team a game.

Indianapolis 33, Tampa Bay 14 - And this was without a lot of key Colts starters. Peyton needed a big win going into a bye after a couple of tough games.

San Diego 41, Denver 3 - Still waiting on Jay Cutler to prove himself. Meanwhile, are the Chargers back? Again, it takes a while for a coaching staff to come together and have its full effect.

Baltimore 9, San Francisco 7 - Eww.

Chicago 27, Green Bay 20 - The Packers lose their first game of the season, while Brian Griese does just enough to get the entertaining comeback win. Are Da Bears back?

Pittsburgh 21, Seattle 0 - People have told me that Seahawk fans should stop talking about that one big game against the Steelers. Okay.