Sunday, October 14, 2007

SNF ~ Saints at Seahawks

You know that ESPN show Around the Horn, where four sportswriters debate hot topics? Here is how host Tony Reali started off one of the segments: "And now we move on to the New Orleans Saints. They STINK. The END."

The writers then proceeded to make a mockery out of the fact that Sean Payton thinks bringing in a new high profile kicker will help. Yes, that is the problem leading to an 0-4 record. The kicking game.

That being said, everything is set up for an upset this weekend. The Saints are no longer America's darlings. The pressure of Super Bowl expectations are long gone. Sunday Night Football. Primetime, NBC. All eyes on Reggie Bush, who excels in the spotlight.

Al Michaels: What do the Saints need to do to fix this?
John Madden: Well Al...uh...they need to stop all this turnover stuff.

Wow. Thank you, John.

The Saints are desperate for a win. But the Seahawks are sure to come out fired up after losing to the Steelers...again. More motivation? Mack Strong was forced into retirement this week, so the heart and soul of the Seahawks for the past 15 years will raise the 12th man flag before the game, firing up an already high-on-caffeine Seattle crowd.

If all else fails, we will borrow a page from Pac-Man Jones and make it rain. In Seattle, they are so used to precipitation that they do not even notice it anymore. And we all know how people from New Orleans react to a little water.

Mike Holmgren has never lost to the Saints, and there is no reason to start now.

Seahawks 24, Saints 7 .