Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Week 6: Duel in Dallas

New England 48, Dallas 27 - All eyes were on this showdown of 5-0 teams. Not surprisingly, the Patriots blew it open at the end, and the talk of an undefeated season has now begun. Although Dallas did at least hang with the Pats for the first three quarters, I still do believe that they will run away with the NFC.

Baltimore 22, St. Louis 3 - After such a terrible showing by the backups, Marc Bulger is determined to come back next week in search of their first win.

Minnesota 34, Chicago 31
- Adrian Peterson and Devin Hester stole the show in one wild game. If only the Vikings had a decent quarterback, with a beast of a running back and a superb defense, they would be quite a good team.

Cleveland 41, Miami 31
- Cleveland is reminding me a lot of Cincinnatti a couple years ago when Jon Kitna had a surprisingly good year so Carson Palmer had to sit. Derek Anderson is holding off Brady Quinn for now. Meanwhile, when is Miami going to win a game?

Green Bay 17, Washington 14
- Watched most of this game and am impressed with both teams in all facets of the game.

Jacksonville 37, Houston 17
- ESPN's Jaws says the Jags will give the Colts a game on next MNF.

Kansas City 27, Cincinnatti 20
- Larry Johnson finally gets going. How much of a mess are the Bengals?

Philadelphia 16, New York Jets 9
- I said that Oregon's Kellen Clemens is just as good as Leinart two years ago. We will soon see.

Tampa Bay 13, Tennessee 10
- Madden Curse kicks in on Vince Young.

Carolina 25, Arizona 10
- Vinny Testaverde wins a game at age 44. Kurt Warner goes down, so Tim Rattay steps in. Ouch.

San Diego 28, Oakland 14
- LT is back.

New York Giants 31, Atlanta 10
- Bold prediction: the Giants will contend for the NFC East title.

New Orleans 28, Seattle 17
- NBC’s Andrea Kramer quoted Mike Holmgren on Reggie Bush at halftime of last night’s game: “We knew he was quick, but we did not know he was that quick.”

Are you kidding me!? The supposedly football genius and fellow USC alum underestimated Reggie Bush’s quickness of all things? My great grandmother has no idea who Reggie Bush is, but even she would not be so dumb as to say something like that. What is next, are you going to reveal that you were not prepared for Mack Strong’s retirement sending the Seahawk running game down the drain? You were supposed to fix Seattle’s running game, not New Orleans’. Or are you going to tell me that you did not know that if you do not get much pressure on Drew Brees, he suddenly has the accuracy of Manning and Brady? Nothing that transpired last night should have surprised anyone. They are who we thought they were! And we let them off the hook! *Storms out*