Monday, October 15, 2007

Cheap & Easy

I do not know why I cannot post this, but go ahead and listen to it. This is from ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd, their popular morning show host.

Among the highlights:

For the record, being the most popular thing in the world, you gotta remember, 75% of the world lives in or near poverty. In other words, cheap and easy is almost always the most popular way to go. Is rice the tastiest food? No. But it is easily the world's most popular. Yes, soccer is the most popular sport in the world. It is cheap and easy.

Football is complex, it is expensive, it is not easy. American football is the best game, the most complicated, the most choreographed, and it means the most here, that matters more. We got the dough, we got the brains, and we got the options. Football is smart.

It is not arrogrant when it is true. American Football is better.