Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kobe for Dirk?

In light or Mark Cuban's overanalyzed remarks on Dancing With the Stars, I was wondering why we do not see any all-star for all-star trades. If a Kobe trade is indeed in the works, it is likely that it would be for less value, similar to the Kevin Garnett, Allen Iverson, and Shaq trades. That is, a disgruntled superstar traded for a couple of young role players and draft picks.

If you are a team like the Dallas Mavericks though, what would stop you from pulling the trigger on a superstar swap? There is no doubt Dirk is just as vital to the Mavs as Kobe is to the Lakers, but I cannot imagine Kobe letting the Heat come back from 2-0 in the Finals or letting the Warriors run all over his team in the first round. While we can forever debate Kobe's character and teamwork, but there is no doubt that in the fourth quarter with a big game on the line, he is the best player to win the game.