Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

It may be a little difficult to get into the holiday spirit when hanging out at a 85-degree beach listening to a reggae remix of "Silent Night" but I manage to do it anyway. Amidst our gift exchanging and partying, take some time to remember the true meaning of CHRISTmas...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Seattle is #1

A recent annual study has once again proved that Seattlites are geniuses, naming the Emarald City as the most literate in the United States. To put that in perspective, San Francisco fell from 5th to 9th, San Diego jumped from 39th to 26th while Los Angeles checks in at 57, Long Beach at 63, and Anaheim at a lowly 64.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Week 14

  • San Diego 48, Denver 20 - LaDainian Tomlinson is the MVP. Not unlike the Heisman race, this one is over a lot sooner than it usually is. The San Diego Chargers are 11-2, best in the league, and are the clear cut favorites to win it all.
  • Arizona 27, Seattle 21 - The Super Bowl runner ups are not winning the games that they are supposed to, as they fall to Edge James and Matt Leinart in Glendale. FOUR fumbles kill key Seahawk drives, yet they were a yard shy of going on to win the game.
  • Tennessee 26, Houston 20 (OT) - Vince Young drops back on 3rd & 14 in overtime, then takes off for 39 yards scoring the game winning touchdown in his hometown, moving to 6-4 as starter. Could it have gone any better?
  • Jacksonville 44, Indianapolis 17 - Many expected the Jaguars to pressure Manning, rough up the Colts receivers, and run the ball up the middle against the soft Indy defense. But no one expected 375 rushing yards and FOUR touchdowns, and an additional one on a Jones-Drew kick return.
  • Miami 21, New England 0 - Let me get this straight. Future hall of famers Tom Brady and Peyton Manning get shut down and rookies Matt Leinart and Vince Young win. And people ask me why I love the NFL.
  • New Orleans 42, Dallas 17 - The Saints are the next greatest show on turf. Opposing teams defenses would be so focused on Marshall Faulk that it would allow stars to be made out of Kurt Warner, Isaac Bruce, and Torry Holt. Opposing teams are now so focused on Reggie Bush, that stars are being made out of Drew Brees, Marquis Colston, and Devry Henderson. After Bush's amazing 61-yard touchdown catch and run highlighted with a couple of his signature jukes and cutbacks, Al Michaels pointed out that Reggie Bush has the number one jersey sold in the NFL. John Madden follows that up with, "I am about to buy one too." Yes, Drew Brees is an MVP candidate and Sean Payton is Coach of the Year, but the Saints have the number one offense because of Reggie Bush.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

SNF - Seattle 23, Denver 20

  • The Seattle Seahawks upset the Denver Broncos at Invesco Field at Mile High Sunday night, moving to 8-4, tied for second place in the NFC with Dallas and New Orleans.
  • In a related story, Josh Brown has just been elected as the new mayor of Seattle. The Seahawks kicker hit his FOURTH game winning field goal this season, tieing the NFL record. Just one of many ways of putting this in perspective: he is single handedly responsible for half the Seahawk victories this year.
  • Oh, Josh Brown also forced a fumble on a second half kickoff. What a stud.
  • The Seahawks are so ridiculously banged up, its a miracle everytime they win. I do not even want to begin to name the injured players let alone the ones who are obviously playing hurt, the most obvious of which is Matt Hasselbeck.
  • The injuries to Walter Jones and Mack Strong, the quiet rocks of the high-powered Seahawks offense for years, could have easily spelled doom. Thankfully, Jones quickly returned while Strong was in and out. Tight End Will Heller filled in at fullback for the better part of the second half when, surprisingly, Shaun Alexander and the running game got going.
  • I did not like the weather here in the Valley this weekend up until I saw the 12 degree night cause steam to rise off of the heads of the players in Denver.
  • Seahawks and Broncos combined for 6 fumbles and 3 interceptions. Disgusting yet fun.
  • Jay Cutler: 10/21, 143 yards, 2TDs, 2INTs. The first interception was just plain stupid as he chucked the ball high while getting hit in an effort to avoid a sack. Instead, Darryl Tapp picks it off and returns it for a touchdown. The second one was tipped by a defensive lineman, but proved to be costly as it was in the fourth quarter and allowed Seattle to burn clock and chalk up three points. Overall an okay game for a first start, as he converted multiple third downs, but did not look good on those play action bootlegs that are a staple of the Denver offense. The interesting thing though, is that he can only get better.

  • The Seahawks comeback failed to top the Browns' comeback win in overtime against Kansas City without Charlie Frye, the Cowboys' Martin Gramatica's game-winning kick over New York, and the Titans' Rob Bironas' 60-yarder to shock the Colts.
  • Vince Young is 5-4 since taking over as the starter, the last two come from behind victories against the Manning brothers. No one thought he was going to be the best rookie quarterback this year, but he is.
  • The San Diego Super Chargers are now tied with the Colts at 10-2 for the AFC's best record. While both teams are capable of winning on the road, the home team is always going to be the favorite come the AFC Championship game.
  • Rmember the first half of the season when Grossman was throwing bombs, inspiring all that talk about Chicago being one of the the best teams ever, perhaps topping the '85 Bears? Now, even at 10-2, any NFC team is capable of winning in Chicago...

  • In case you went to Pluto for the weekend: UCLA 13, USC 9. Florida gets a shot at challenging Ohio State for the national championship. What are the odds that Pete Caroll and Karl Dorrell are still coaching in Los Angeles this time next year?