Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sox Sweep

  • Okay, so the above picture was from Boston's improbable and memorable 2004 World Series Championship, but just know that they have gone on to win it all again this year, after sweeping the Colorado Rockies.
  • While the Rockies were not all that great of a team to begin with, but rather the bearers of a hot streak throughout much of October, this series may have proved that the American League's superiority over the National League in baseball is greater than the AFC over NFC in football and the West over East in basketball.
  • Alex Rodriguez informed the New York Yankees that he will opt out of his contract this year. What nice timing. I am a man of numbers, but these blow my mind: A-Rod will opt out of a $252 million contract originally signed with the Texas Rangers for ten years. He is walking away from the last three years of that deal, worth $91 million. I repeat, he is walking away from $91 million, in the hopes of earning more.
  • I found it interesting how the NFL did not schedule any marquee Sunday Night Football game as to not conflict with the World Series, but came close to holding Monday Night Football a mile away from where Game 5 would have been played in Denver. So much for that.
  • Oh, of course, there was a lot of football played today. The San Diego Super/Flaming Chargers burned the Texans, and are suddenly clicking and dangerous.
  • The Patriots head to Indianapolis next week. These two have been the best two teams for years now, and everytime they get together it is a shootout, thriller, and instant classic. Each team is undefeated at 7-0, and each are coming off of a series of impressive blowouts. The Patriots have been far more dominant though, setting up a rarity in sports: An undefeated defending champion will be the underdog playing at home. Think about that for a moment. The Colts are at home. The Colts are undefeated, they have not lost since 2006. The Colts are the defending champions. And yet, the Patriots will be the favorites Sunday, and they should be. Go figure.
  • Thank goodness the NBA tips off this week, otherwise the hype of this NFL showdown on ESPN and the likes would drive us all nuts.