Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Boston Three Party

While they are calling for Kevin McHale's head in Minnesota, Boston has quickly reembraced their beloved Celtics. ESPN: To clinch his Tuesday trade to the Boston Celtics, Kevin Garnett agreed to a three-year contract extension worth just over $51 million. By extending his current contract and eliminating the early termination option that would have allowed him to be a free agent after next season, Garnett also earned $8.8 million in trade bonuses that will be spread out evenly over the next five seasons, taking the value of the extension to $60 million. Garnett, 31, was eligible for a three-year extension worth nearly $90 million including trade bonuses.

Meanwhile, the New York Daily News reports:
The NBA is fouling out with fans over a referee gambling scandal, a nationwide survey reveals. A stunning 61% of pro basketball fans suspect that ref Tim Donaghy, who is being investigated by the feds, isn't the only corrupt NBA official, the new Zogby Poll reveals. The online survey of 7,362 people conducted July 27-30 confirms NBA Commissioner David Stern's biggest fear that the sacred trust of the game has been sullied. One-third of the 4,806 self-described NBA fans responding to the poll said the scandal has dampened their interest in the league. Nearly 88% of respondents said they believe Donaghy hedged his bets by affecting the outcome of NBA games he worked and wagered on during his 13-year career.

Remember, perception is as good as reality.

Finally, Mike Holmgren checks in with an angry yet humorous remark when asked about the Seattle Seahawks' offensive line committing a false start:
"It's inexcusable and I think it's a lack of concentration. It can get you out of the starting lineup quickly. ... It's a little thing, but it's a big thing. It drives me to distraction. If I could think of something really horrible to do to someone who jumped offsides, I would do it. Then you'd write about it, and it would be horrible."