Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Paul Pierce. Ray Allen. Kevin Garnett. After tanking the season and a worse-case scenario draft lottery, general managers and former teammates Danny Ainge and Kevin McHale pulled the trigger in revamping their losing teams. Seeing as Lebron single handedly took Cleveland to the NBA Finals last year, the Celtics have suddenly become championship contenders in the NBA's weak eastern conference. Even with a weak supporting cast, these three similar all-stars actually compliment each other quite well as Bill Simmons eloquently writes. The winning tradition of the Patriots and Red Sox have overshadowed basketball in Boston for the past decade or so, but now the city may sport the best three team combination in the world. Finally, Allen and Garnett moving to the East almost makes up for Oden and Durant going to the West. While they hate to admit it, there is a strong east coast bias in sports, and the NBA, or any other league for that matter, is simply at their best when the New Yorks, Philadelphias, and Bostons are relevant.