Saturday, July 21, 2007


I did not think this would last to write one hundred posts, but here it is. At first this thing started as a simple to to quit repeating myself and actually articulate some good sports talk with friends. Then it evolved into a short but fun stint as a newspaper and website sportswrite. Now I am back to simply enjoying writing random thoughts...
  • The Michael Vick dog fighting situation is going to seem more and more similar to Kobe Bryant's sexual assault charges a couple years back as we will be reading and hearing about it for a considerable amount of time. Goodell has stated that he will let the law play its course for a player without any criminal history before acting on any suspensions. Hints have been made about the Atlanta Falcons giving Vick paid leave as to avoid making the upcoming season a media circus full of distractions, but that is no longer such an attractive scenario with Matt Schaub traded away and Joey Harrington the new backup.
  • Which sickens you more? Kobe cheating on his wife or Vick staging dog fights to the death at his own home? I am more sickened by the fact that these two superstars have been and probably will remain idolized by sports fans regardless of what they do. Each has had the number one selling jersey in their respective sport for lengthy periods of time.
  • I love ESPN as much as anyone, but I am already tired of David Beckham and he has not even played a game yet. Besides, I find Tony and Eva to be the hotter couple right now...
  • This has been one of the most intriguing NBA offseasons in recent memory. Numerous teams are scrambling to make adjustments while the champs stay silent. The Kobe and Garnett trade rumors seem to have all been for naught.
  • The Houston Rockets may have quietly made the best move of the summer in signing their former all-star Steve Francis. He clicked well with Yao several years ago and can definitely be a superb number three man in new coach Rick Adelman's aggressive offensive style.
  • While the arena situation lingers on, the Seattle Sonics acquired Kurt Thomas and his one year expiring contract along with TWO future first round picks from the Phoenix Suns for the trade exemption from the Rashard Lewis trade with Orlando. The more moves new youngun general manage Sam Presti makes, the more impressed Seattle fans become. Remember, this is the fellow who discovered and pressed the San Antonio Spurs to sign NBA Finals MVP Tony Parker.
  • The Orlando Magic will contend for and may win a championship in the next few years if (1) Dwight Howard develops as a low post scoring threat and (2) J.J. Redick or someone else establishes themselves as a consistent number three option behind Howard and Rashard Lewis.