Monday, August 06, 2007

Bonds vs Costas

As Barry Bonds ties Hank Aaron with home run number 755, his verbal feud throught the press with Bob Costas (he knows everything!) continues:

Costas on Bonds: "I think reasonable people conclude that while he'd be a near-unanimous first-ballot Hall of Famer, he wouldn't be approaching the lifetime record without something that is inauthentic in the mix."

Bonds on Costas: "a little midget man who absolutely knows [nothing] about baseball, who never played the game before."

Costas: "as anyone can plainly see I'm 5-6 ½ and a strapping 150. And unlike some people, I came by all of it naturally."

What a witty genius!

Press releases are rarely all that interesting, but take a look at the selection of words MLB commissioner Bud Selig used in regards to Bonds' tainted accomplishment:

"Congratulations to Barry Bonds as he ties Major League Baseball's home run record. No matter what anybody thinks of the controversy surrounding this event, Mr. Bonds' achievement is noteworthy and remarkable.

"As I said previously, out of respect for the tradition of the game, the magnitude of the record and the fact that all citizens in this country are innocent until proven guilty, either I or a representative of my office will attend the next few games and make every attempt to observe the breaking of the all-time home run record."