Sunday, September 30, 2007

Week 4: 420+

Green Bay 23, Minnesota 16 - Brett Favre literally carries the Packers on his back en route to a 4-0 start. Favre threw touchdown passes numbers 421 and 422, overtaking Dan Marino for the most all time. Even though Peyton Manning is on pace to break what is now Brett's record in the next decade, not enough can be said about Favre's amazing play.

Houston 16, Atlanta 26 - So much for all that Matt Schaub leading the Texans to the playoffs. In his return to Atlanta, Schaub is outplayed by Joey Harrington.

Buffalo 17, New York 14 - I have a hard time caring about a division that is so far apart from its leader, the New England Patriots.

Cleveland 27, Baltimore 13 - Are the Browns suddenly a surprise team or is it just that the banged up Ravens are overrated?

St. Louis 7, Dallas 35 - Tony Romo amazes me. The guy is so agile and makes 'streetball' plays all the time. Dallas is the NFC's clear front runner right now. Thanks to a ton of injuries, the Rams are done, their only touchdown was a Daunte Hall return.

Chicago 27, Detroit 37 - Brian Griese struggles in his debut as the Bears' starting quarterback. Thanks to Mike Martz, the Lions are like his old Rams in that they are simply going to outscore their opponents.

Oakland 35, Miami 17 - Daunte Culpepper scored all five touchdowns in his return to Miami. Call me crazy, but do the Raiders have a shot at winning their division?

Tampa Bay 20, Carolina 7 - This is why the NFC is so weak. Divisions like the South have no favorite whatsoever. Cadillac Williams is done for a while after that freak knee injury.

Pittsburgh 14, Arizona 21 - Props to Bill Simmons who called Ken Whisenhunt's influence in a surprising upset. With Kurt Warner winning a game now, what happens to golden boy Matt Leinart?

Denver 20, Indianapolis 38 - We know Manning owns the Broncos. Why even play this game?

Kansas City 30, San Diego 16 - Three loses in a row for the struggling Chargers. Instead of blaming the new coaching staff, upper management should bear the criticism for letting the entire 13-3 regime go.

New York Giants 16, Philadelphia 3 - McNabb goes from quarterback on the way out, to elite quarterback, back down to on the way out. With no Westbrook, a terrible offensive line, the still recovering McNabb stood no chance.

Seattle 23, San Francisco 3 - Keep on sleeping on my Seahawks, America. They just stormed into San Franciso and shut up everyone who doubted that the NFC West still belongs to Seattle. Matt Hasselbeck was sharp and the defense was dominating. Remember, the Seahawks are a fumble away from being undefeated. Super Bowl rematch in Pittsburgh next weekend.