Monday, September 24, 2007

Week 3: Separation Time

Talk about Separation Sunday. The best story of the weekend was the Green Bay Packers upsetting the San Diego Chargers at home. The Chargers are certainly in a funk, probably due to the completely new coaching staff, as exhibited by LT's frustration, even getting into it with his quarterback Philip Rivers on the sidelines. The Packers are 3-0, Brett Favre is playing like a whole new quarterback while the defense is quitly looking great. Watching this game, however, I did not like the lack of a running game on the part of Green Bay. Granted, the Chargers are great at stopping the run and have a weak secondary, but eventually the Packers are going to have to get some yards on the ground.

T.O. said the Dallas Cowboys made a statement by winning in Chicago on Sunday Night. Remember, the Cowboys were a botched snap away from advancing to the playoffs and going to Chicago, where they just proved they can win. Tony Romo is playing amazing, scrambling around and putting up huge numbers. Romo is in a contract year, and Jerry Jones is obligated to pay up soon the way he is playing. Hopefully it does not have some sort of crazy mental effect on the field.

The Patriots put up another 38 points in another blowout, and it the Brady to Moss combination is not even fair for opposing teams. In the AFC, the Colts and Steelers also advanced to 3-0.

The Ravens are good enough team to make some noise in that tough AFC, but again, it is way too early for Steve McNair to be banged up already. And how about Kurt Warner replacing Matt Leinart and nearly rallying for the win? Go figure.

Back to the NFC, where the Saints are already this year's most disappointing team. Sure, Dallas and Green Bay are looking good at 3-0, but let us not forget the Seattle Seahawks.

Seattle is a fumble away from joining those elite teams at 3-0 after winning a wild west game against Cincinnatti, 24-21. You had safeties, fourth down and two point conversions, quarterbacks catching passes, and turnovers galore. While Carson Palmer and the Bengals put up big numbers again, Matt Hasselbeck is quietly having a good year. The fourth quarter featured four lead changes, including Hasselbeck's strike to Nate Burleson for the game winning touchdown. The ensuing kickoff was fumbled, and Palmer and the Benglas offense never got a chance to come back again. While the Seattle defense got eaten up statistically, new safeties Brian Russell and Deion Grant each caught interceptions and made several key plays. The banged up Shaun Alexander has yet to even get going. Hasselbeck was asked whether he'd like a little more national recognition for his hot start to the season. "I think it's better that we just chill out here [in Seattle] in the witness protection program," he said. "We're good. Let them talk about all the East Coast teams and their cool throwback uniforms." As the analysts start to make early judgements and separate the teams, do not sleep on my Seattle Seahawks, folks.