Monday, September 17, 2007

Week 2: Oops!

The Seahawks fumbled away a sure win in another wild weekend. Carson Palmer's SIX touchdown passes were not enough as Derek Anderson and Jamal Lewis led the woeful Cleveland Browns to a surprising 51-45 victory. This makes the 2-0 Steelers look more dominant, as were the New England Cheatriots who ran the Chargers out of town on SNF 38-14. Indy survived another Vince Young comeback while the Bears looked terrible despite winning their home opener. The Saints got blown out again while Dallas takes over as the highest scoring team. Denver lucks out with another Jason Elam game winner. Green Bay, San Francisco, Detroit, and Houston are all 2-0. In the immortal words of the legendary Vince Lombardi, what the hell is going on here?