Monday, November 12, 2007

Week 10: Bolts Shock Colts

With the Patriots on a bye (something tells me Brady was still scoring the field), our attention finally turns to a great slate of good games in the NFL.

  • Philadelphia 33, Washington 25 - McNabb and Reid got a much needed win in Washington thanks to Westbrook.
  • Jacksonville 28, Tennessee 13 - I give some credit to these two physical teams for beating up on their divisional rival Colts so bad that they did not have all their starters the past two weeks.
  • St. Louis 37, New Orleans 29 - Just when we thought the Saints were marching again, the ghost of Jim Haslett returns. They are still dangerous though, and will find a way to win their lousy division and host a playoff game though.
  • Buffalo 13, Miami 0 - The Heat and Dolphins have lost a combined 25 games in a row. Meanwhile, the Bills are hot, winners of four in a row and five of the last six. Yes, the Bills folks. Can they hang with the Pats next week on SNF?
  • Denver 27, Kansas City 11 - CSI: Mile High: Travis Henry is taking lie detector tests and turning over hair samples.
  • Green Bay 34, Minnesota 0 - Did you see that last Favre touchdown pass? Only his throws somehow make it there. Adrain Peterson went down early; what the hell is an LCL anyway?
  • Pittsburgh 31, Cleveland 28 - Ah, now this was a game. I like to shy away from moral victories, but the Browns have come a long way and have shown that they are capable of beating the Steelers. On the other side, Big Ben's comeback was phenomenal. You have to put him up there with the best quarterbacks in the league. Everyone hop on the bandwagon now, the Steelers are the prime candidate to upset the Patriots run at perfection in a few weeks.
  • Atlanta 20, Carolina 13 - Remember when this would have normally been a divisional showdown between a Super Bowl contender that had Michael Vick's number?
  • Cincinnati 21, Baltimore 7 - Seven field goals. Disgusting.
  • Chicago 17, Oakland 6 - Did Rex Grossman just win a game for the Bears!?
  • Arizona 31, Detroit 21 - Did Tim Rattay just win a game for the Cardinals!?
  • San Diego 23, Indianapolis 21 - Now THIS was the best game of the week. Peyton Manning threw SIX interceptions, Adam Vinitieri missed TWO field goals, and the Chargers offense was terrible. In a completely unrelated story, hell froze over.
  • Neither team deserved to win this game. The Chargers should have blown open the game in the first half with all the picks and good field position; instead they got two scores off special teams. The Chargers are supposed to have a powerhouse offense, but it was unable to put the game away. If the Colts won this game, we would all be talking about how great Manning is, managing to win despite missing so many starters, including two offensive linemen and two wide receivers and their stud tight end. Of course, he struggled without so many key elements of his team, and still was in a position to win the game at the end. Shame on you, Chargers.