Thursday, November 08, 2007

Oh Matt, you so funny 5

From the Seattle Times:

Defensive end Patrick Kerney strained an oblique muscle in Sunday's game against Cleveland, the second Seahawk with that injury in the past two games.

"That's two obliques in two weeks," Holmgren said incredulously. "After 21 years I've had two in two weeks."

Kerney's injury gave Hasselbeck the chance to do what he does well, crack a joke about having the same injury as a teammate. Hasselbeck hurt his oblique against St. Louis on Oct. 21.

"Yeah, I think Patrick and I have been doing too many sit-ups," Hasselbeck said. "We're both big weight-room guys. It happens to guys like us, me and Patrick. People confuse us on the street as well. They have to kick us out of the weight room, turn the lights off on us."

Matt Hasselbeck is second in Seahawks history with 20,245 passing yards, trailing Dave Krieg by almost 6,000 yards. It's a milestone Hasselbeck wasn't aware of until Monday, the day after his 318 passing yards vaulted him past his quarterbacks coach, Jim Zorn.

"There are some records that you break that are kind of cool," Hasselbeck said. "Then others, they're a product of being fortunate enough to be with one team and getting to start and getting to play a bunch of games."

And surpassing Zorn?

"That explains all the draw calls he was calling for in the two-minute drill to try to keep the numbers low," Hasselbeck joked. "No, it's cool. Obviously there's a relationship there with myself and Jim Zorn because he is my position coach, but he's also one of the guys that you looked up to as a kid."