Tuesday, November 13, 2007

MNF: Seattle 24, San Francisco 0

What is it about Seattle and being on national television? Either they get destroyed or they do the destroying. Two years ago, they ran the Texans out of town 42-10 on Sunday Night Football and walked into Philadelphia and shut out the Eagles in the snow 42-0 on Monday Night Football. Last year they were embarrassed by eventual the eventual NFC champions in Chicago, 37-6 on SNF, then shut out the woeful Raiders with Seneca Wallace running the show on MNF. Last night, they shut out the San Francisco 49ers, 24-0 on Monday Night Football.
  • During the telecast Tony asked Jaws if the score was more a result of the Seahawks being that good or the 49ers being that bad. Jaws quickly answered, it was the 49ers. I have to admit I agree. The 49ers are simply terrible, as the banged up Alex Smith cannot throw an accurate pass and Frank Gore is no longer the threat he was last year. SF handed the Seahawks multiple opportunities to trounce them. However, Seattle had two turnovers and a couple of costly penalties that took points off the board. If they were hosting a good team, the Seahawks could have easily lost.
  • Mike Holmgren unveiled a new look Seattle offense that featured the pass far more than the run. Matt Hasselbeck opened up the game in the shotgun and quickly stormed down the field. Matt is quietly having a great year, and it should only get better when Deion Branch returns. However, it remains to be seen how this different offense fares against better teams.
  • Mo Morris filled in for Shaun Alexander and did a decent job. What happens when Shaun returns?
  • The Seahawks are going to win a lousy NFC West, host a first round playoff game. They will be favored at home, and should they win, will likely have to travel to a Green Bay or Dallas. My prediction is similar to last year's end result: A thrilling first round close win followed by a heart-breaking close road loss.