Friday, January 23, 2009

Random Rants: Mancrush

I love Gary Payton on TNT. He brought back the Charles Barkley elements of fun and laughter, with the added element of severe trashtalking.

Yours truly has the distinct honor of working tonight's game at Staples Center between the 9-32 Los Angeles Clippers and the 9-34 Oklahoma City Thunder. The loser takes possession of the worst record in the NBA

On a less sarcastic note, I truly did have the honor of hanging out courtside for the recent Lakers Clippers game. Props to the Clippers scrubs for keeping it a competitive and entertaining game, until Kobe Bryant and company just decided to quit playing around. I have many stories from this eventful night, which some of you have already heard the highlights of.

One of the great things I took away though, is that it is truly an amazing experience to see the Lakers in action. Not only do they feature the best of the best of the best athletes and basketball players, but Kobe Bryant himself is on a whole another level. We often hear commentators speak of Kobe's eyes and body language, and how you can tell when he is about to take over a game. I always thought this was a bit of an exaggeration, but it is truly something that you can witness up close. When Kobe kicks it in to a higher gear, everyone paying attention courtside notices first. Then he makes a play on defense, brings the ball up, maybe some of the crowd picks up. on what is about to happen. Then everyone oohs and ahhs before cheering as he schools whichever pour soul is guarding him, gets to the rim, and makes a ridiculous athletic move that we have grown to accustomed to seeing for years either on television or far away buried in the crowd. But watching this all unfold just a few feet away is a whole another experience. It seems like Kobe is faster, stronger, smarter, and just better than everyone else in the building as he moves around and leaps over defenders. There is a reason why it costs $2,500 to sit courtside for a Lakers game. It may be ridiculous, but so is the show you get to see up close.