Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh Mike, you so funny

Mike Holmgren, on Matt Hasselbeck's surprising block that led to a Julius Jones touchdown:

"The players loved it. The sideline, the guys that saw it… But, I would rather he didn’t do it. We can’t win the battle and lose the war. He is the one guy that must stay healthy. I’ve said this before, he is not the most graceful guy in the world. I love him, but he is not the most graceful guy in the world. So, when he thinks he is making this great block, it’s kind of a car crash. But, he did, bless his heart, but I did calm him down when he got over to the sideline, [and told him] please don’t do that anymore. I appreciate it, but don’t do it anymore. He’s kind of a hard head sometimes on things."

And then later...

"I think his leadership since all of these things have taken place is wonderful. He has never been a better leader than he is right now. I told him that I appreciate that, and he says it’s all good. Except for the block."