Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Five Stages

No. The Sonics must stay. 41 years of history. Kevin Durant. Such a bright future. Something will be worked out. The Mariners and Seahawks were practically out the door, but new ownership came in and worked out new stadium deals with the city. I am sure they will figure it out at the last minute somehow.

I hate you, Clay Bennett. You are a lying scumbag. Oklahoma!? What the hell? Is there even sports there? The only thing Oklahoma is famous for is Timothy McVeigh bombing shopping malls. Why us? Why our team? You not only bought our team, but cut us off from it. Then you traded away our best players. You hired a terrible coach who is remarkably out of touch with his players.
Oh, we did not forget you, Howard Schultz. Sonic fans are boycotting your overpriced coffee, and you happen to be feeling it even more during this pseudo recession. Do not even pretend like you were the innocent victim and tried to help, because we all know you made money off this whole ordeal. I have not bought a cup of Starbucks in the past two years, and I will never do so again.
The city of Seattle, not unlike most of the nation's politicians, are just completely useless.
And you, David Stern. How dare you. You two faced liar. You loved KeyArena when it was renovated just a few years ago, calling it a "world class facility." You wrote a letter to Sacramento saying it was okay that they were not willing to pay for a new arena and that you will work with others to find a way to privately pay for a new arena. Why the preferential treatment? I know business is anything but honest, but you are still a disgusting crook. Seriously, do you really believe that Oklahoma City is more capable of hosting a team than Seattle? I thought Stern was a brilliant and intelligent man. But in the past year, he has quickly gone from the best commissioner in the worst.

Let's take them to court. We have a lease that says they must stay. It is legally binding. They cannot just pack up and leave as they please. It does not work that way. Steve Ballmer, save us. We want to keep the name, colors, and history of the once great Sonics franchise. We want to see the beloved legendary jerseys of Payton and Kemp hanging in the rafters of a building in Seattle.

Did we really just sell our team for $75 million? Talk about betrayal. There is no guarantee for another team? Kevin Durant is gone? You want me to root for a team from Oklahoma? Excuse me, while I go cry myself to sleep.

Basketball is dead to me. My Team is gone.