Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Joey Crawford vs Tim Duncan

Props to David Stern and the NBA for indefinitely suspending referee Joey Crawford after he unreasonably ejected Tim Duncan in Sunday's game in Dallas with two separate technical fouls for simply laughing while on the bench. Duncan also claimed that Crawford challenged him to a fight, in what clearly seemed to be some sort of personal outburst. In a season where the league has been cracking down on players' constant complaining, perhaps excessively, it is quite refreshing to see the NBA side with one of its icons instead, as referees are rarely disciplined by their leagues. Despite a $25,000 slap on the wrist, Tim Duncan has long been an excellent player and role model. By suspending Crawford for the rest of the year, the NBA ditched the horrid possibility of Crawford refereeing a crucial playoff game involving the San Antonio Spurs.