Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Divisional Playoffs

  • For all the wondering and debating we all did throughout the entire season, for all the hype that the top two seeds in Chargers and Ravens generated, how funny is it that, at the end of the day, its going to come down to Brady vs Manning, the same two who it seemingly always comes down to. Then there is Stephen Gostkowski vs Adam Vinatieri. Bilchick vs Dungy. Pats vs Colts. This weekend is the Super Bowl folks. Could it get any better?
  • Despite the close loss, much props have to be given to the Philadelphia Eagles for stepping up and rallying behind Jeff Garcia when everyone thought their season was over when McNabb went down.
  • The Saints won a great game, in which Brees, Bush, and McAllister all excelled in the spotlight. Great story in a great city. Now can they go on the road in the cold weather, something they are not accustumed to at all, and beat Da Bears?
  • Alright, here we go finally. The Seahawks had several chances to win the game in Chicago, and I could easily go on for days pointing out certain instances in that game. I can even point to losses against San Francisco, Arizona, and Minnesota, which should have been wins resulting in Seattle earning a first-round bye and another home game instead. I can point to Hasselbeck's busted ribs, broken fingers, and knee injury, as he was far from 100%. I can point to Shaun Alexander's fractured foot. I can point to fullback Mack Strong's sprained ankle and couple of stingers. I can point to numerous injuries and shuffles amongst the offensive line; only Walter Jones started every game, and he had a strained shoulder. I can point to the lack of continuity with the wide receivers, as Bobby Engram, Darrell Jackson, and D.J. Hackett were banged up throughout the season all the way into the playoffs. Deion Branch and Nate Burleson were great, but will need an offseason to thoroughly absorb the complicated offense and develop chemistry with Hasselbeck.
  • I can keep on making excuses, but the Seahawks went 9-7 to win the NFC West, won a playoff game against the annointed Cowboys, and took Da Bears to overtime in Chicago, having two drives come to a halt at midfield when the game was tied, with only one big completion away from setting up Josh Brown for another clutch game winning boot. Ten of Seattle's 18 games came down to the final drive, contributing to plenty of stress, heartbreak, and sheer joy. Even after a Super Bowl run last year, considering what happened this season, 10-8 is damn good.