Monday, September 25, 2006

Madden Curse in Effect

  • 2005 NFL Most Valuable Player Shaun Alexander is out indefinitely after X-rays revealed a small crack in his left foot. Alexander has clearly been slowed down by the sore foot, averaging only 2.9 yards per carry, in the first three games. Coach Mike Holmgren says it is possible Alexander could miss as much as a month.
  • Coming off of last year's record-setting 28 touchdowns along with a league-leading 1880 yards, the loss of Shaun Alexander is a huge blow to the Seahawks offense. However, Seattle put up 42 points against the Giants despite Alexander rushing for only 47 yards. With the Seahawks going more to their stacked receiving corps anyway, I have confidence that backup Maurice Morris, who has 22 carries for 66 yards already this year, and fullback Mack Strong, 9 carries for 65 yards and 1 touchdown, will be able to pick up some of the slack and keep the Seattle offense somewhat balanced.
  • Enormous win for my Seattle Seahawks over the inconsistent New York Giants. Starting 3-0 does not guarantee much, but it was a relief to see the defense make big plays and offense move the ball efficiently. Seattle not only won a big game at home, but they won it convincingly, which is what great teams should do.
  • How big would a win in Chicago be next week? Winner will be 4-0 and the early favorite to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.
  • I always knew there must be something good about all that coffee. The energetic Seahawks fans, also known as The 12th Man, were loud in Seattle, severely hampering Eli Manning. In addition to the false starts, the noisy crowd made it very difficult for Giants' offensive line to make adjustments, which was why the Seahawks' front seven was constantly pressuring Manning.
  • Matt Hasselbeck threw FIVE touchdowns. He has so many weapons, it may not even be fair.
  • The spread formation with Darrell Jackson, Nate Burleson, Bobby Engram, and Deion Branch with Shaun Alexander in the backfield is dangerous. Not only is it near-impossible for any team to cover all four quality receivers with four quality corners, but against the Giants I caught a couple runs from Alexander and fullback Mack Strong right up the middle.
  • All this fuss about Seattle's offensive line, but I will take 106 rushing yards and 0 sacks every Sunday.
  • A bunch of great finishes in Week 3. I love the NFL.
  • Sports Illustrated's Peter King threw us an amazing statistic in his column this morning: Sports Quiz: Name the two leaders in quarterback rating right now. Give up? David Carr, 113.6. Philip Rivers, 107.
    e. Name the 21st and 22nd. Tom Brady, 78.5. Steve McNair, 78.3.
    f. Followed by chaps named Culpepper, Delhomme, Leftwich.
    g. And that's why they play the games.
  • I am looking forward to two big showdowns next week in San Diego at Baltimore and Seattle at Chicago. Neither will be pretty, but both will be good games.