Friday, October 15, 2010

Oh, Matt you so funny 14

Matt Hasselbeck does it again, this time to the Boston Herald:

“I think a lot of times when things get reported (nationally) on the Seahawks in Seattle are sort of a little off-base,” Hasselbeck told me. “We’re very far away from the rest of the world. When we get a day off, a lot of our guys go to Vancouver, British Columbia. In the offseason, a lot of guys hit up Alaska. I mean, we’re pretty far off.”

That sounds pretty cool.

“Oh, it's cool, but when there are national stories about our team, they are rarely very accurate or rarely do they tell the full story of what’s going on,” the former Boston College star said, laughing, too. “If we start winning games again, maybe we’ll get on TV again, maybe we’ll get a Sunday night game one of these days, it’s been a long time. I’m not even going to ask for a Monday Night game… But it’s like being in the Witness Protection Program.”

Oh, he had an example of what he means.

“Probably the loudest guy I knew, great player, Pete Kendall,” Hasselbeck continued. “I played with him in college, probably the loudest guy I know. Got drafted by the Seahawks, never heard from him for like six years. Never heard about him, never heard from him. It’s just, the Witness Protection Program.”

At this point, I was cracking up. You never expect a guy to go into a comedy routine. But Hasselbeck was hilarious.

So, I told him, you’ll work for ESPN when you get done with your career like your brother and people will say, “Where you been all this time?”

“Well, either that or do the Jeff Feagles,” he offered. “Jeff Feagles was a great punter for us for a long, long time. He goes and plays one year for the Giants and all of the sudden, NFL Films does a special on him and then he’s in the Pro Bowl and now he’s probably in the Hall of Fame… you gotta get one year with the Giants and you’re good.”