Thursday, June 25, 2009


Yours truly is in the midst of the most ridiculous and eventful one month period of his life. While I continue to adjust to a completely different life on personal and professional levels, I assure you that I will chime in on the crazy madness lately:

  • The Lakers won the title and deservedly so. Let us keep in mind that they did so without ever meeting or beating a healthy Houston Rockets team, a healthy San Antonio Spurs team, a healthy Boston Celtics team, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. So before we declare them to be the best team of the year, remember how the cards fell for them to when the title.
  • We have not seen Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson peak.
  • We have seen Shaq peak.
  • We have not seen Lebron James peak.
  • We have seen Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson peak.
  • The era of the quick point guard is only beginning. I am looking at you, Mr. Longoria.
  • The anticipation and preparation for the summer of 2010 continues to build.
  • The USA Soccer team stunning Spain and advancing is a story that deserves to be followed, written about, and talked about...if only Americans knew enough to do so.
  • Oh yeah, we have the NBA Draft tonight. Expect more madness to follow.