Sunday, May 10, 2009

Big Baby

I have loads of thoughts on what was another great classic weekend of NBA Playoff basketball, but I will leave it as just a few:

  • The Los Angeles Lakers are not a championship team. The title teams of Jordan's Bulls and Duncan's Spurs would never take opposing teams so lightly like the Lakers did Sunday. The Lakers played with more laziness than I would on a Sunday matinee game, except that is their career that they get paid to perform on national television. My dislike for the Lakers and their many bandwagon fans is well documented, but now I have really turned against this particular team. Playing defense and showing effort seems like such a chore to this group of overly skilled yet sadly lackadaisical individuals.
  • The Lakers winning the title would be an insult to basketball enthusiasts such as myself, and even more so to other playoff teams such as the Cavs, Celtics, and Rockets who leave it all on the floor every game.
  • Remember how Kevin Garnett shouted at Glen "Big Baby" Davis with such intensity that he cried on the bench earlier this season? You could not have written the end of that story better than with Big Baby hitting an unlikely game winner filling in for Garnett during the playoffs.
  • If defense breeds championships, what to the Lakers deserve? I vote for a fishing trip.
  • Each series has been led by the team with more former Seattle Sonics. Just saying.