Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mid-Preseason Thoughts

Seeing as we are halfway through the glorious NFL preseason and hours away from Maddenoliday, I thought it was perfect time for some random thoughts...
  • The Seattle Seahawks looked very good against the Indianapolis Colts. Matt Hasselbeck was very sharp despite a wealth of pressure. The shaky offensive line worries me, but not as much as the already banged up defense which let Tony Romo (who?) lead the Dallas Cowboys up and down the field in the first preseason game.
  • NBC's Sunday Night Football is looking really good. Bob Costas is brilliant as usual while Jerome Bettis is a bringing a lot more insight than we usually hear. Then of course, Michaels and Madden are second to none.
  • The only gripe I have about the new featured Sunday Night game is the loss of ESPN's NFL Primetime. My Sundays were never complete until hearing Chris Berman call all the highlights.
  • There is already a lot of hype surrounding the Manning Bowl, which is Kickoff Weekend's Sunday Night game. Both Eli and Peyton have said they just want to get it over with already. This will be a fun shootout.
  • I happened to be sitting in a Las Vegas sportsbook when Reggie Bush busted his big cutback run. It got so loud, you would have thought everyone in the room was a Saints fan. Well, except for that one fellow wearing a Houston Texan jersey...
  • Speaking of my observations sitting in the Vegas sportsbooks: I am declaring it fact that football has long surpassed baseball as America's favorite sport. The huge ruckus and amount of people that were in the sportsbooks during the weekend for preseason football make the same exact rooms look like ghost towns the rest of the week when baseball is in its wild card race.
  • The Denver Bronco's Jay Cutler seems like he will take Jake Plummer's job sooner than we thought.
  • The San Diego Chargers' Philip Rivers seems like he can lead the Chargers to a winning season.
  • The Tennessee Titans' Vince Young has shown a lot of his talent and potential. As expected, it will take time for that to develop into wins.
  • The Arizona Cardinals' Matt Leinart is rich. He better be ready when Kurt Warner goes down with an injury.
  • The Oakland Raiders are terrible. Again. Ha!
  • How in the world do the Bengals and Bears defenses score so often!?
  • I have yet to find a dark horse/surprise team...